Shopping – Swedish style

I can’t drive, and I love to walk, so back in Melbourne I always walked to the supermarket quite a few times a week. The same in Vienna and in London. In Sweden, shopping is helped by my cute red bike.

Shopping in Sweden by bike

Shopping by bike

When I was a student in Uppsala we lived up a hill in a forest about 15 minutes bike ride into town along a beautiful river and through a park. I loved riding my bike into town each day or to class – even in the snow when my eyelashes would freeze (a very strange feeling…). Uppsala seemed designed to ride your bike everywhere, unlike Melbourne where I would worry about being run over by a truck as there are not so many bike lanes.

Now that I live in Stockholm I don’t get to ride my bike as often as I did in Uppsala, but on days like today when I have to do a huge amount of shopping for a dinner party, and the Autumn sun is shining, I feel very lucky to have it.

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  1. melissa says:

    One of the things I love most about spending time in Holland is the cycling. Here in the States you really are taking a risk riding around because there aren’t any bike paths and people in cars don’t really know how to navigate around cyclists.

    I love your red bike, lucky girl!

    I think your blog is off to a great start. I look forward to future posts.


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