Borderless Adventures: Welcome

Hello and welcome,

My name is Michelle and Borderless Adventures is an idea I have had in my mind for quite some time now, and by quite some time, I mean many many years. Just yesterday I discovered the start of a blog post I wrote back in 2004. Working out where to begin has proven to be a challenge – finally I have decided to just start and see where I end up.

Tulips: The Netherlands

I am originally from Australia, but half my family is Dutch. I first moved overseas 9 years ago, when I was 19, to experience life in Vienna, Austria for 3 months. I fell in love not only with Vienna (still my favourite city to this day), but also with experiencing new cultures first hand, exploring new cities, learning new languages and meeting amazing people I may never have had the chance to had I not moved.

Since that time I have lived for two years in London, another year in Vienna (with various periods living back in Melbourne in between where I luckily met my fiance) and since January 2011, I have been living in Sweden – first in Uppsala and now in beautiful Stockholm.

My intention is to share my experiences of life in another country, to help others who are in a similar position or those that might be planning to move overseas, be it for love, work, study or simply adventure.

My studies have also taken me in the direction of migration, and I have focused my masters on immigration policy, and also the exploration of identity and how it shifts and we move across borders. I hope to share some of this here as well.

Wish me luck, and let’s see how this all goes!

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