Welcome back to Borderless Adventures

Sorry about the long break in posts here – I’ve just spent a month in Australia getting married, among other things!

Here is a photo or two from our wedding – first up, my handsome husband

And the two of us

It was fantastic to be back in Australia, seeing family and friends, enjoying autumn, and being able to speak English without feeling guilty! One of the things I miss most about Melbourne is the amazing food – Chinese, Italian (coffee), Vietnamese, Greek, and delicious fresh Australian produce cooked simply. Melbourne is such an amazing multicultural city, I can’t help but feel completely at home every time I am there.

In other news, I recently gave a speech for the Stockholm International Researchers Association on the identity of second generation immigrants and the children of refugees and European free-movers. I’m going to share some of that research on here, as well as some more tips on moving overseas, and life in Stockholm.

Lastly, I’m giving a presentation about Third Culture Kids on the 6th of September – it’s open to the public so if you are in Stockholm and are interested in attending, send me an email.