Autumn in Stockholm

I have always loved autumn, but particularly so in Stockholm. It is so beautiful here at the moment, and the change is much more dramatic than I have seen before. Here I am surrounded by beautiful golden, orange and red trees, and piles of leaves everywhere, and … mini decorative pumpkins!

This was taken the other weekend in Skansen, the open air museum in Stockholm.

Autumn in Stockholm

My local tram stop looks like this right now. It makes me happy every day as I walk past it:

Autumn leaves in Stockholm

One thing I particularly love are the mini decorative pumpkins you can buy everywhere:

Mini pumpkins

I have seen these mini pumpkins in flower arrangements, and in autumn some people buy them to decorate their houses… it is pretty cute really.

Here is one in my teacup for scale:

Mini pumpkin

Swedes love to make the inside of their houses cosy and beautiful, probably something to do with the very long and dark winters, most of which are spent indoors. They are the kings of indoor plants (especially orchids), flower arrangements, lamps, fairy lights and plenty of candles – everywhere. When I go out for dinner at night here, most of the windows I walk past have candles lit, it seems a very Scandinavian thing. I did once read that the year Denmark was rated as the most happy nation in the world, they also coincidentally were found to be the highest consumers of candles per person in the world. A coincidence? I think not.

Now perhaps I should go and light some candles …


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