Map of Stockholm showing local versus tourist photo locations

Here is a really interesting map of Stockholm comparing where locals (blue), versus tourists (red) take photos throughout the city. Yellow could be either tourist or local.

Stockholm photo tourist local


The results are pretty much what you would expect: high tourist concentration of photos around the main sightseeing locations in Stockholm, and locals in both the city centre, probably at bars and so on, and out in the suburbs.

I also liked Vienna:

Vienna photo tourist local

You can see Schönbrunn out on the lower left hand side, with a huge concentration of photographic activity.

There are plenty more cities to check out – such as London, Moscow, LA and so on.

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  1. melissa says:

    That’s very cool! I’m going to check out Amsterdam (of course) and then Paris! I’m behind in my blog reading and writing so I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas now. Hope it’s wonderful 🙂

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