Learning Swedish: Online Resources

Here is part two of my series about learning Swedish. You can find part one: Swedish classes in Sweden here.

Here are some online Swedish language resources I have found useful:

Klartext: Basically the Swedish news, but simplified to make it easier for us Swedish learners to understand and not become distracted/bored after 1 minute by more exciting shiny things around us. Each report is 10 minutes long and they arrive Monday to Friday, which means 50 minutes a week of Swedish listening practice that is actually useful. I wouldn’t say it is exactly easy, especially for a beginner, but it is certianly much easier to understand than the normal news, as they speak quite clearly and slowly. You can also download the episodes in the podcast section of iTunes as well.

Björn Engdahl’s Swedish Course: A short course giving you a good overview of the basics of Swedish grammar as well as some verb tables.

8 Sidor: Swedish news written very simply. A good starting point before hitting normal newspapers. You can pay for the full version to be delivered to you.

Dagens Nyheter: Speaking of which, this is one of Sweden’s most popular newspapers. Try this for practice once you have studied Swedish for awhile. I find it better to print the articles with added spacing between lines and read them away from the computer so that I don’t get distracted/I can write translations where needed.

Try the GoSwedish YouTube channel for some very funny Swedish lessons.

FSI Swedish: An oldie, but a goodie.

Not a language learning resources as such, but this is the best online Swedish-English dictionary I have come across: Tyda

If you are in Sweden, you can watch Swedish TV shows here: SVT

For Swedish, and language learning in general:

LingQ is especially good for reading practice.


Lycka till!

2 Responses to “Learning Swedish: Online Resources”

  1. Emmanuelle says:

    Merci beaucoup! Thanks a lot, as a newcomer in Stockholm, all this info is gold to me!:) Having just left 19 years of England behind me, Swedish is a toughy to tackle for a Frenchie! So, many thanks again!

  2. Michelle says:

    My pleasure Emmanuelle! And if you come across any more tips that work for you, please post them here so others can learn from your experiences too 🙂

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