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Hacked By GeNErAL


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  1. Sue Ellson says:

    Hi Michelle – from windy and cold Melbourne today, 4 July 2013.

    Yes, it is really important that you give yourself a break when you move to a new location – but as you also indicate, finding a friend (or friends) is what really makes the difference!

    I have been sharing tips and advice online since 2001 and the first tip in the six best settlement strategies is ‘find a friend.’ It sounds very ‘silly’ to an academic or someone who thinks ‘return on investment’ but it is vital.

    Partners in a relationship need to also find their own friends and not rely solely on their partner for support. This is why so many relationships fail because one person cannot handle everything, you need to share the load.

    The final comment I would like to make is in relation to repatriation. If you decide to come back to Australia, make sure you read my article on this topic – on the home page at

    Happy trails to you!

    Sue Ellson
    Founder and Director
    Newcomers Network

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